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Video - What is HiCarer


This short video explains what HiCarer is and how it can help people who need care and support.  



After Elsie’s husband passed away, she lived on her own. An unfortunate fall led to her hospitalisation. SoonElsie was medically fit, yet there were concerns about her returning home safely, so she was waiting for a Care Needs Assessment. This is where HiCarer steps in to help.

Through intuitive questioning, HiCarer meticulously crafts an assessment of someone’s needs and preferences, providing a detailed view into the care and support required.

But that’s not all! HiCarer allows users to form their own unique support circles. Whether it’s family, friends, neighbours, and/or professional carers - these support circles help with tasks to support Elsie.  The HiCarer app helps allocate visits and tasks, ensuring seamless care management.

With the HiCarer app Elsie wouldn't have to face a prolonged hospital stay. Giving her the confidence to return home and enjoy life to the full.Let HiCarer help you gain your confidence and live life on YOUR terms.