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Tackling the care crisis: HiCarers white paper to help re-imagine care


The UK is currently facing a crisis in health and care provision. With healthcare workers stretched to their limits, and a significant lack of careworkers, many people are finding themselves stuck in hospital when they are medically ready to leave but unable to do so.

Earlier this year (2023) it was revealed that of the 20,302 people per day are ready to be discharged but only 37% left hospital. This often leads to poorer health outcomes and an emotional toll for those affected, and at a cost of £303 per patient per day (Allen 2021) this means a daily cost of £3.88m to the NHS.

The care sector is understaffed and overwhelmed, leaving millions of people - disabled or chronically ill, elderly, and their families - struggling to access the care they need and therefore for many, ‘stuck’ in hospital. As the population ages, the demand for care services increases with it. Care is an essential part of daily life for thousands of people. From providing basic support such as meals, household chores, and transportation to personal care, social support and professional regulated care activities, the role of care cannot be overlooked and we need more intelligent solutions to manage it.

But there may be a solution. What if we could harness the power of technology to provide people with more control over their own care arrangements? What if a disruptive change allowed us to re-envision how care is organised and delivered in the UK?

It's time for a conversation about how we can implement innovative processes. Our white paper explores how digital technology can help address this care crisis and allow everyone involved – patients, carers, family members, healthcare providers and beyond – to benefit from a new way of arranging care provision in the United Kingdom. Download our whitepaper today to find out more about the care crisis, why we need a solution now and what HiCarer has to offer!

It’s time to use disruptive change in the care sector to alleviate the crisis in the NHS.
Published on 13th April 2023